Developmental Disabilities Supports Coordination Organization

Developmental Disabilities Services are designed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities from birth to death. These services are available to individuals presenting with an IQ score of 70 and below or under the age of seven and demonstrating developmental delays.


Early Intervention
The initial service available is Early Intervention (EI). EI is an entitlement program for children 0 – 3 who demonstrate a 25% delay in one or more areas of development. The Service Coordinator from the BSU is responsible to conduct Child Find activities and initial developmental services. In addition, they coordinate further assessments and direct the implementation of designated therapies through the Individual Family Services Plan (IFSP).

Supports Coordination
Children aging out of Early Intervention may be eligible to receive Targeted Service Management (TSM). TSM is a supports coordination service that can assist families in accessing adaptive equipment, specialized services and therapies, and appropriate educational services through Individual Education Plans (IEP). This level of supports coordination also assists adults with mental retardation in accessing appropriate social services, housing, and transportation.

Waiver Program
The Commonwealth, in an effort to reduce the expenditure of county funds, is participating in federally funded waiver programs. These funding streams, accessible only through registration with Developmental Services Unit, require specific standards to be met for eligibility. Services eligible for reimbursement include adaptive equipment and respite services, in home.

For further information, please contact:
Marcia Mastrangelo, B.S.
Support/Service Coordination Supervisor
Phone: (724) 658-6064
Fax: (724) 654-654-6627

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)