Fairweather Lodge Member of the Year 2018

Human Services Center is excited to celebrate the success of Fairweather Lodge Member, Ken R.  Ken was nominated by Steve Plyler, Residential Director, and April Cosgrove, Residential Supervisor.  Ken has been an active member in the Fairweather Lodge Program via Human Services Center since the beginning of 2006.  Ken is a quiet, gentle man, who gets along with everyone and has served as a role model for the program.  He represents the type of person who not only fits into the Fairweather Lodge Program, but thrives in it.  The Fairweather Lodge Model is based on Adherence to the Lodge Principles, Implementation of Lodge Practices, Demonstrated Outcomes, and Participant Satisfaction.  Fidelity to the principles and practices of the Fairweather Lodge is important for a number of reasons and Ken’s success comes from his commitment and dedication to the model and his willingness to share his success with others.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Professional Wellness Day

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Professional Wellness Day is sponsored by SBHM, Inc. and The Psychiatric Rehab Supervisors Regional Network.  The event was held at the Isaiah House, Glade Run Campus, on Wednesday October 10.  In addition to earning a Certification of Attendance, the event provides an opportunity for Supervisors and Staff to practice wellness by participating in team building activities and breakout sessions that provide ongoing education about available resources and information for both professionals and consumers that we serve.  It Takes a Community…#HSCcanhelp