This person is responsible for performing the daily functions of the Medical Records room including but not limited to the following:

  • Processing/posting of mail, sending out records, assembling/processing new charts, closing completed cases, reorganize old charts, pulling-putting away chats, filing of / in charts, general filing of pertinent data, tracking charts, answering telephones, faxing/fax retrieval from Medical Records fax machine, assemble/copy Intake packets, enter program admission/ closing information in computer, enter/monitor Crisis/302 information,
  • Copy records and send billing information for disability, lawyer requests, and insurance. Send notification letters to Primary Care Physicians and file information in chart / document in computer.
  • This person performs the various typing tasks, data entry into the computer, monitoring of and extraction of data from the computer, and other duties related to proper care of the medical records
  • Monitor 10-day letters and charts stored in chart room. Inventory all charts on a yearly basis. Inventory and monitor charts in need of destruction on a yearly basis and make appropriate arrangements for shredding.
  • Pull and prepare (boxing/recording records contained/box) charts for storage. Arrange transportation for storage, enter storage and inventory information into the computer. Request information from storage when/if needed.
  • This person will attend department staff meetings or supervisory sessions as scheduled / needed.
  • This employee utilizes 2% of work time engaging in personal enrichment ventures such as conferences and service training or other types of education germane to the position.
  • Must have valid driver’s license and be able to travel to other locations
  • Fill in for co-workers when needed to cover vacations, personal time, illness, or any other time off.
  • This person performs other related duties as may be required or requested by the Executive Director and/or his designee.
  1. Knowledge of standard office procedures, practices, conduct, and actions necessary in maintaining harmonious working relationships.
  2. Experience with computer software and ability to operate a variety of office equipment; i.e., telephone, computer, calculator, fax, photo copier, etc.
  3. Fill in for co-workers when needed to cover vacations, personal time, illness, or any other time off.
  4. Must have valid driver’s license to be able to travel to other locations


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