Family Based Services

Family Based Mental Health Services assists families in caring for children or adolescents with severe behavioral and/or emotional problems. An essential aspect of this intensive program is the emphasis on families as partners and resources in treatment. Family Based staff work in partnership with parents to strengthen the family so that they can care for their emotionally troubled child at home.


The Family Based staff provide family therapy, individual therapy, skill development, and case management during non-traditional hours to best meet the family’s needs. Crisis stabilization services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Family Based uses a system approach working with the entire family system, rather than focusing on the identified child.  Since comprehensive services are delivered in the home, staff members can work with the family in their own environment identifying strengths and needs, and developing strategies – as basic as developing behavior plans or a complex as obtaining an appropriate school placement for a child.

Program Coordination
This program recognizes that families are not isolate, but are part of a network of school, friends, and community. Services are oriented to assisting children in receiving maximum benefits from school and community activities, and helping families to access community resources. For families involved with other systems – education, drug and alcohol, juvenile justice, BHRS, CYS – the program seeks to ensure that all services are coordinated.

Family Based staff are mental health professionals with specialized training in Family Therapy.

Referrals to Family Based Services occur through interagency meetings, CASSP, Independent Psychological or Psychiatric Evaluations, and hospital or residential discharge. Referrals are typically processed through HSC’s Base Service Unit.

For further information,please contact:    

April McConnell, MEd     

Family Based Mental Health Supervisor
(724) 510-3347
Fax: (724) 658-0573