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Since 1981, HSC Update has served as an outreach of the Human Services Center. And, although the newsletter has been published in various styles throughout the last 24 years, it has consistently provided readers in the community a practical and timely review of behavioral health services and issues. Hard copies of the HSC Update may be requested by contacting the Human Services Center at 724-658-3578.

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'10 October (Vol. 10, No. 3)
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'00 January (Vol. 20, No. 1)
'99 October (Vol. 19, No. 3)
'99 May (Vol. 19, No. 2)
'99 January (Vol. 19, No. 1)
'98 October (Vol. 18, No. 4)

Summaries Only:

'04 July (Vol. 4, No. 2)
  • HSC receives regional and national awards for its Grant Street Project from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.
  • Suicide awareness and prevention seminar is organized by HSC.
  • Lawrence County’s Peer Leadership program is explained.
  • A Low-Income Housing Trust Fund grant is made to HSC by the Lawrence County Board of Commissioners.
  • Dr. Shoukry Matta discusses suicide.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder is explained.
  • Ron Scott, HSC Residential Director, is interviewed.
  • Dr. Richard Spector joins Jameson Health System’s psychiatric staff.
  • Sara and Emily Murdock form a support group for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.
  • Nurturing your child’s mental health is discussed by Dr. Dennis Nebel.
'04 January (Vol. 4, No. 1)
  • HSC’s Intensive Outpatient Program for children and adolescents is explained by its director, Don Warhola, MSW.
  • A virtual hallucinations seminar is so-sponsored by HSC, AMI, and Jansen Pharmaceuticals.
  • A historical summary of mental health viewpoints is provided.
  • Anna Kosturek, MD, a staff psychiatrist, is interviewed.
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel discusses schizophrenia.
'03 July (Vol. 3, No. 2)
  • Child and adolescent depression is discussed.
  • Interventions to curb adolescent aggression are summarized.
  • Our biological clock and its affect on human behavior are explained.
  • The Consumer Research Council of the American Psychiatric Association names HSC’s Medical Director, Dr. Shoukry Matta, America’s Top Psychiatrist for 2002 -2003.
  • Construction is started for a new group home for mentally ill adults.
  • Tips for improving mental health are provided.
  • David Jackson, the director of HSC Base Service Unit for Mental Retardation Services, is interviewed.
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel discusses mental health in the workplace.
  • HSC purchases property for a residential treatment facility for adolescents with behavioral problems.
  • A seminar on mental health, substance abuse, and HIV is hosted by HSC.
  • HSC’s supportive housing program for homeless, mentally ill adults is named the “Almira House” in recognition of the contribution of the Almira Foundation.
'03 January (Vol. 3, No. 1)
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is explained.
  • HSC holds a dedication ceremony for the completion of its Highland House Apartment Complex.
  • U.S. Representative Melissa Hart, Lawrence County Commissioner Brian Burick, and Eric Dickerson, VP for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh, make comments.
  • HSC and AFSCME receive the Governor’s Award for Labor-Management Cooperation.
  • Nabila Sargious, MD, joins HSC’s medical staff.
  • Blaine Stachowiak, a case manager in HSC’s Diagnostic Assessment Center, is interviewed.
  • HSC holds a dinner meeting and gives its Distinguished Service Award to Dan Levine.
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel discusses Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
'02 July (Vol. 2, No. 2)
  • Helping children and adolescents cope with trauma is discussed.
  • Lawrence County Commissioners contribute $20,000 to HSC to develop housing for clients.
  • How stress affects brain development is explained.
  • HSC receives HUD funding commitment for the development of 14 studio apartments on East North Street in downtown New Castle.
  • Residential supervisor, Lucille Johnson, is interviewed.
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel discusses depression and suicide among the elderly.
  • A CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) course is offered by HSC.
'02 May (Vol. 2, No. 1)
  • How depression affects women is discussed.
  • The partial hospitalization program offered by HSC and St. Francis Hospital of New Castle are explained.
  • Matthew Rider, the director of HSC’s partial hospitalization programs, is interviewed.
  • An open house for HSC’s drop-in center is held.
  • HSC announces its seminar series for the spring.
  • The symptoms, treatment, and the etiology of Borderline Personality Disorder are discussed.
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel discusses the impact of mental illness on society.
  • A three part seminar series for pastors is organized by HSC with funding from a Caroline Know Memorial Trust Fund grant.
'01 October (Vol. 1, No. 3)
  • HSC Grant Street project is described by Dr. Dennis Nebel.
  • The physiology of the teenage brain and research at NIMH is revealed in article.
  • Kimberly Strawbridge, an intensive case manager at HSC, is interviewed.
  • Research on suicide is summarized.
  • How mental health disorders affect women is discussed.
  • HSC received $446,800 HUD grant.
'01 July (Vol. 1, No. 2)
  • Tom Boni, the director of HSC’s drop-in center, receives St. Francis Hospital’s Salute to Courage award.
  • Dan Barnes, MSW, discusses a school based violence prevention program with school superintendents. U.S. Representative Melissa Hart and State Representative Frank LaGrotta participate in the discussion and offer support to HSC.
  • Mental health services are introduced in Beaver County.
  • Cocaine and “crack” abuse are discussed.
  • Suzanne Lucot, M.D., presents information on autism.
  • The stigma of mental illness is discussed by Dr. Dennis Nebel.
  • HSC therapist, Larry Cross, MSW, is interviewed.
  • Dr. Donna Markham is the featured speaker at a dinner meeting held by HSC and St. Francis Hospital of New Castle.
'01 May (Vol. 1, No. 1)
  • HSC’s executive director, Dr. Dennis Nebel, announces affiliation with St. Francis Hospital of New Castle.
  • Plans to renovate six buildings on East Grant Street are unveiled. The six buildings will provide office space for HSC staff, housing for clients, and a site for the client-fun drop-in center.
  • “The Assessment and Treatment of ADHD” is the title of a seminar offered by HSC and the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Dr. Shoukry Matta discusses Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders.
  • Childhood depression awareness day is held on May 8th.
  • HSC and St. Francis Hospital of New Castle participate in National Anxiety Disorder screenings.
  • Research on the causes and treatment of headaches is summarized.
'00 July (Vol. 20, No. 3)
  • HSC staff member, Tom Boni, discusses his struggle with mental illness and his role as director of the Center’s drop-in center.
  • Dr. Suzanne Lucot provides advice on helping children deal with their first day of school.
  • Mario DeMateis receives HSC’s Distinguished Service Award.
  • Alice Sankey resigns from HSC to assume CEO position at LARK.
  • Seminar series for fall 2000 is announced.
  • An anxiety support group for cancer victims is sponsored by HSC.
'00 May (Vol. 20, No. 2)
  • HSC’s Brighter Visions program is explained,
  • Daniel Kupfer, M.D. conducts a seminar on Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • HSC receives a second USDA grant of $46,875 for Westfield.
  • Seven seminars are organized by HSC in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Octavia Salazar, M.D. and Suzanne Lucot, M.D. present a seminar on ADHD.
'00 January (Vol. 20, No. 1)
  • The physiological and psychological features of PMS are explained.
  • Dr. Timothy Schneider discusses panic disorders.
  • HSC staff member, Donna Barton, receives Mercer County’s Distinguished Woman Award for 1999.
'99 October (Vol. 19, No. 3)
  • HSC receives $98,450 grant from the USDA for a client run cooperative enterprise at Westfield.
  • “Sensory Modulation for ADHD” is the title of a seminar conducted by HSC staff member Clivetty Martinez.
  • Dr. Timothy Schneider and Dr. Suzanne Lucot join HSC medical services’ staff.
  • Dr. Shoukry Matta discusses Alzheimer’s Disease.
'99 May (Vol. 19, No. 2)
  • A day treatment program for children with severe emotional/behavioral problems is announced.
  • A seminar on ADHD is offered.
  • Dr. Shoukry Matta discusses the role of medication in psychiatry.
'99 January (Vol. 19, No. 1)
  • HSC open pastoral counseling office.
  • Physical fitness and mental health discussed.
  • A therapy group on stress and anxiety is offered by Dr. Stephanie Kim Phillips.
'98 October (Vol. 18, No. 4)
  • Frederick Frese, Ph.D. is keynote speaker at HSC’s 35th anniversary dinner.
  • Thirty-five years of milestones at HSC are summarized.
'98 July (Vol. 18, No. 3)
  • Dr. Robert Marcus is selected as HSC’s Clinical Director.
  • HSC and Slippery Rock University offer summer enrichment program for at-risk children.
  • Alan Summers, M.D., Ph.D. join HSC’s medical staff.
'98 May (Vol. 18, No. 2)
  • HSC conducts community screening for anxiety.
  • Pastoral counseling program organized by HSC in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute.
  • University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work partners with HSC on training programs.
'98 January (Vol. 18, No. 1)
  • HSC opens new “shared housing” program.
  • “Coping with Loss” is the title of a program conducted by Dr. Lillian Myers and hosted by HSC.
  • Artwork produced by HSC clients is on display at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder is explained.
  • Compulsive gambling and the purpose of Gamblers Anonymous are discussed.
'97 October (Vol. 17, No. 3)
  • Stigma of mental illness discussed.
  • HSC’s SRO project receives a National Award of Merit from NAHRO and the state award from PAHRO.
  • Charlene Retone, MA, conducts a seminar on bulimia and anorexia.
'97 July (Vol. 17, No. 2)
  • HSC is honored as “Business of the Year” by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Child management principles are offered.
  • Adelphia Cable is the recipient of HSC’s Distinguished Service Award.
'97 May (Vol. 17, No. 1)
  • Westfield opens as a joint venture with St. Francis Hospital of New Castle.
  • Activities to recognize Mental Health Month are announced.
  • A video: “Mental Illness: The Family’s Story” premieres in New Castle. The video was produced by HSC, AMI, and WPIC.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder is the focus of a seminar sponsored by HSC.
'96 December (Vol. 16, No. 2)
  • HSC’s Peer Leadership program is explained.
  • The Center’s SRO Housing project in Ellwood City is completed.
  • A seminar on binge eating disorders hosted by HSC.
  • The symptoms and treatment of panic disorder is discussed.
'96 July (Vol. 16, No. 1)
  • Eating disorder support group is formed.
  • Common symptoms of eating disorders are summarized.
  • Dennis Rozzi receives HSC’ Distinguished Service Award.
  • Institutional racism and cultural diversity seminar organized by HSC ? 150 people attend.
  • A community-wide screening for bipolar disorder is co-sponsored by HSC and Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.
'95 March (Vol. 15, No. 1)
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel reports the number of county residents in state mental institutes has significantly decreased since 1963.
  • HSC’s Horizon House program is described.
  • The effect of television on social behavior is described by Dr. David Pear.
'94 November (Vol. 14, No. 2)
  • HSC and The Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Western Psychiatric Institute conduct a seminar on the impact of mental illness on the family.
  • New Castle City Council issues a Letter of Commendation to HSC for its renovation of the Washington Street Apartments.
  • “Helping Children Cope with Loss” is the title of a seminar hosted by HSC and conducted by Dr. Stan Kendzierski.
'94 June
  • Kim Campbell, the director of HSC’s Child and Family Services discusses its six programs: outpatient services, student assistance, wraparound, family based, Phoenix House, and CASSP.
  • Recovery leader, John Hood, receives the Center’s Distinguished Service Award.
  • Kim Campbell is selected as HSC Employee of the Year.
  • A support group for Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHAD) is formed.
'94 March
  • Sydney Paul, JD, MSW, joins HSC staff as the coordinator of Adult Outpatient Services.
  • HSC relocates 25 staff member to the former WALMO School building in Neshannock Township.
  • HUD commits $552,000 for the development of 16 SRO housing units in the Center’s Uni-Center building.
'93 December
  • The Ellwood City Uni-Center officially opens. HSC, Drug and Alcohol Community Treatment Services, WIC, LARK, APRC, and St. Francis Hospital provide services.
  • HSC receives a beautification award for the renovation of the Carinci building which is used as the Uni-Center.
  • HSC receives HUD grant for $1,400,000 for the development and operation of Westfield.
'93 September
  • Ted Ostrowski chosen as HSC board president.
  • Linda Pacella receives HSC’s Distinguished Service Award.
  • The stigma of mental illness the problems of institutionalization are discussed.
'93 May
  • Diane Bartley is selected as HSC’s Employee of the Year.
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel discusses the community mental health movement in recognition of mental health month.
  • The symptoms of depression are summarized.
'93 January
  • HSC convenes a steering committee of community leaders who propose a Uni-Center for the Ellwood City area. The Uni-Center would be a centralized location for social service agencies that would “time-share” office space.
  • The Family Based Services program is started. Barbara Nickerson, M.A. is selected as its director.
  • The Resolution Trust Corporation donates a vacant apartment building to the Human Services Center.
  • Myths about mental illness are discussed.
  • Dorothy Paul, Ms.Ed. conducts an assertive training workshop.
'92 October
  • Fostering mental health in children is discussed by Dr. Ira Gordon.
  • Kimberly Campbell discusses the county’s Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP).
  • A seminar for grieving families who have lost a child through miscarriage or stillbirth is presented in cooperation with Jameson Hospital.
  • Kathy Gennock, the Center’s director of quality assurance, is memorialized. (Kathy was killed in a tragic car accident.)
'92 July
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel selected to replace Dr. Donald McMurray as executive director of the Human Services Center.
  • J. Fred Rentz receives the Center’s Distinguished Service Award.
  • A mutual self-help group for people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is formed.
  • “In-the-Pink”, a client run drop-in center, opens.
  • Horizon House, a “community placement program”, opens. Eight former residents of Mayview State Hospital are discharged and placed in this community based alternative to institutionalization.
'92 April
  • Dr. Donald McMurray announces his resignation after nearly ten years as HSC’s executive director.
  • Blaine Stachowiak is elected by staff as HSC’s Employee of the Year.
  • “Single Again,” a support group for divorced, widowed, and separated men and women, is formed.
  • Scott McGrath, M.S. becomes of the director of HSC’s Westfield initiative.
'91 November
  • Dan Barnes, M.S.W. and Scott McGrath, M.S. conduct seminar on teen suicide.
  • Mood disorders including manic depression illness are discussed.
  • The grief process is described by Dr. Stan Kendziorski at a seminar co-sponsored by the Marshall Funeral Home.
'91 July
  • Bill Burmester, the local AMI president, receives the Center’s first “Distinguished Service Award”.
  • HSC publishes a 17 page resource guide for the unemployed.
  • “Understanding Family Emotional Process”, a continuing education course for area clergy, is offered by HSC.
  • A seminar on identifying and treating adolescents with eating disorders is presented by HSC.
'91 March
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel, HSC’s clinical director, offers advice on post traumatic stress disorder for Operation Desert Storm victims.
  • The area’s first Gambler’s Anonymous chapter meets at HSC.
  • Kimberly Campbell is chosen to be the coordinator of the Child and Adolescent Services System Program (CASSP).
  • HSC issues its annual report: 2,441 clients were served with 1,240 new admissions into treatment. The budget is $2,902,206.
'90 December
  • Dorothy Paul, Ms.Ed. offers advice on how to with the holidays.
  • HSC completes “sweat equity” project providing two apartments for two clients who participated in renovating an abandoned house on Butler Avenue in New Castle.
  • Over 200 volunteers are recruited by HSC to building a playgroup in Neshannock Village. The playgroup is built in one day with the financial support of the Caroline Knox Memorial Trust Fund.
  • Jacek Szypulski, M.D. joins the medical staff at HSC.
'90 October
  • HSC offers a domestic violence prevention program for men. The 10-week program is conducted by Dr. James Holden.
  • “Developing Social and Communication Skills in Children and Adults with Autism” is the topic of a seminar sponsored by HSC and the local chapter of the Autism Society of America”.
  • A two-day program on the spectrum of car for the older adult is conducted by HSC staff for nursing home administrators.
'90 June
  • HSC begins Student Assistance Program (SAP). Dan Barnes, M.S.W. is chosen as its director. Ilona Roth-Cohn, M.S.W., a former outpatient therapist, joins the SAP staff.
  • Helen Sloat, RN is selected as HSC’s “Employee of the Year”.
  • Dr. Donald McMurray, HSC’s executive director, is re-elected to the Board of Directors of the National Council of Community Mental Health Centers.
  • HSC offers summer tutoring program for children with learning disabilities.
'89 October
  • HSC receives HUD grant for Oakview, a ten unit apartment complex for chronically mentally ill clients.
  • A two-day seminar on psychological issues of the elderly is conducted by HSC staff members.
  • HSC forms a Survivors of Suicide (SOS) support group.
  • Bill Burmester, president of Lawrence County Alliance for the Mentally Ill, reports on NAMI conference.
'89 April
  • Intensive Case Management services are introduced. Richard Stephens, M.S. is selected as the coordinator.
  • HSC co-sponsors a special education seminar with the Lawrence County Bar Association.
'88 November
  • The “legacy of John F. Kennedy” and the implementation of the community mental health act is outlined.
  • Shoukry Matta, M.D. is interviewed and the role of psychiatric services is described.
  • HSC organizes a seminar on Seasonal Affective Disorder.
'88 April
  • HSC celebrates its 25th anniversary. Staff of the Center reaches 110, its annual budget is $2,747,000, and 2,480 residents are active clients.
  • Lionel Aldridge is the keynote speaker at the Center’s 25th anniversary dinner.
'87 June
  • The symptoms and treatment options for depression are discussed.
  • Steve Plyler, M.A. and Raymond Gutowski, M.Ed. coordinate a new clinical program for young, chronically mentally ill clients.
  • HSC and the Chamber of Commerce organize the area’s first folk festival. Proceeds from the event support HSC’s Transitional Employment Program.
'87 February
  • James Holden, Ph.D. chosen as HSC’s director of outpatient services.
  • Nancy Romeo, M.Ed. becomes the director of the extended services division.
  • “Plain Talk on Mental Health” discusses adolescence.
  • An “Active Parenting” program is conducted by David Gills, M.A.
  • W. Blythe Robinson presents a seminar on the relationship between the behavioral sciences and Christianity.
'86 July
  • Mari Kane, M.A. outlines her responsibilities as the director of HSC’s program and planning development.
  • The emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms of PMS are discussed.
  • HSC starts the “Vintage Group”, a day treatment program for older adults.
'86 January
  • HSC celebrates the opening of Station House.
  • Nancy Nagle, the director, describes the program as the incorporation of social rehabilitation and transitional employment.
  • Jim Klebe is hired as a clinical liaison between HSC and the Lawrence County court system.
  • Dr. Paul Holland conducts a program on stress and conflict in the clergy.
  • HSC begins Family Mediation Services.
  • Scott McGrath, M.A. and Michael Stern Psy.D. outline the objectives of family mediation.
'85 August
  • John Klenotic chosen as Lawrence County’s MH/MR Administrator.
  • Dr. David Pearl discusses the effects of TV on social behavior.
  • HSC organizes a specialized intake/crisis program headed by Scott McGrath, MS.
'85 May
  • Robert Zipursky, M.D. joins HSC staff.
  • A chapter of COMPEER is organized.
  • COMPEER match volunteers on a one-to-one basis with HSC clients.
  • Cathy Clover, M.A. is selected to be the clinical coordinator of the YDC Mental Health project.
  • “A Family’s Response to Mental Illness” is addressed in a seminar conducted by Eleanor Slater.
'85 February
  • HSC opens an office in Ellwood City.
  • Janet Taylor, M.S.W. and Michael Stern, Psy.D. offer outpatient services.
  • Dorothy Paul, MS.Ed. describes HSC’s Day Treatment Program.
  • Divorce is explained in an article “Divorce: the Process, the Crisis, and the Resolution”.
'84 November
  • HSC offers clues to suicide potential.
  • A seminar on eating disorders is offered by HSC and Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.
  • Follow-up discussion groups for parents are facilitated by David Gills, M.A. and Laurie Zimmerman, M.D.
'84 August
  • A support group for family members of Alzheimer’s disease is organized in collaboration with the Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorder Association.
  • HSC provides assistance to dislocated worked from Universal Rundle’s vitreous china plant.
  • Expressive arts’ therapy is explained by HSC staff members Kathy McQuiston and Mary Frances Braidersberger.
  • Clinical assessment, short-term counseling, and referral services are offered on-site to Westminster College students through a partnership between the college, HSC, and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services.
'84 April
  • HSC’s role in de-institutionalization is described.
  • Programs for mental health month are announced. They include a panel demonstration of the Recover program, a workshop on Alzheimer’s disease conducted by John Mansell, M.D. and Myra Wolcott, and a “Parenting the Preschooler” program that is conducted by David Gills, M.A. and Michael Stern, Psy.D.
'83 December
  • Suggestions on maintaining one’s mental health are offered.
  • A parenting program is offered by HSC and Drug and Alcohol Community Treatment Services.
'83 September
  • HSC and the St. Francis Hospice program offer a program on loss and grief.
  • Tips on retirement planning offered.
  • A local chapter of the National Society for Autistic Children is organized. Linda Pacella is its first president.
'83 June
  • HSC organizes an open house on June 25, 1983 and invites the community to visit its building and meet staff members. Workshops on mental health topics and parenting are offered by staff.
  • The Caroline Knox Memorial Trust Fund provides a grant to HSC to offer pastoral education programs in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute.
'83 January
  • Dr. Donald McMurray is selected as HSC’s executive director. He replaces Eleanor Reid, ACSW, who resigned after serving as the Center’s director from 1973-1983.
  • HSC receives a grant from Pennsylvania’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to create a transitional employment program for chronically mentally ill clients.
  • “Pierre the Pelican”, a newsletter for first time mothers, is organized by HSC and implemented with Jameson Hospital and the New Castle Junior Women’s Club.
  • A workshop on self-hypnosis and relaxation is organized by HSC.
  • Tim Shelly, ACSW, is hired as a geriatric social worker.
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel, Eleanor Reid, ACSW, join Ed Uder from the Youth Development Center and Dr. Theodore Pett from Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in making a presentation at the annual meeting of the National Council of Community Mental Health Centers. Their presentation dealt with providing mental services to appropriate delinquents.
'82 August
  • HSC organizes a quality assurance committee.
  • The Butler VA Center contracts with HSC to provide services to Vietnam Veterans who are experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Dr. Phillip Fawley conducts a workshop on stress management.
'82 May
  • HSC organizes program to assist employees laid-off from Rockwell Corp’s “leaf spring” facility.
  • A sexuality education program is hosted by HSC. JoAnn Lewis, MPM, facilitates the program that is attended by social service professionals, school officials, and religious leaders.
  • Dr. Michael Stern stresses the importance of play in child development.
'82 February
  • A local chapter of THEOS is organized. (THEOS is a mutual self-help group for people who are grieving the loss of a spouse.)
  • David Copper is hired to provide forensic mental health services.
  • A “Parents without Partners” chapter is formed.
  • The Update mailing list expands to 750.
'81 September
  • HSC organizes a “Parents’ Anonymous” support group for abusive parents.
  • Dr. Dennis Nebel replaces Dottie Lindblom, M.S.W. as HSC’s Director of Clinical Services.
'81 May
  • The Department of Public Welfare approves HSC’s plan to develop a HABITAT residents for females.
  • A summary workshop series for the general public is organized.
'81 March
  • Eleanor Reid, ACSW, HSC’s executive director, introduces key staff members.
  • HSC begins first quarter of operations with funding from an operations’ grant from the federal government.